Dejia is a Shamanic Reiki practitioner also certified in Yoga, Barre, Yoga Tune Up® and the Roll Model Method®.  She's a firm believer that body work is best served with a side of bad jokes, excellent tunes and an open mind.  Come as you are and leave feeling better than you ever imagined!

Her enthusiasm for continuing education knows no bounds and her passion for helping people learn how to live better in their bodies is unparalleled.  She has spent hundreds of extra hours in various course work for areas of study, such as the Roll Model ® Method (part of Yoga Tune Up®), Eastern medicine, aromatherapy, yin yoga, Ayurveda, myofascial release and Reiki.  Are you wanting to try a new class format or a blend of class formats?  Perhaps you want to get a group of friends together for an in-home workshop?  Dejia can help make your vision a seamless integration into reality - it's time to think outside of the box together.  

Interested in healing the mind as well as the body? Dejia also offers Shamanic Reiki healing services which include general healing, chakra balancing, crystal work and much more. Learn how to let go of energetic and emotional blockages, re-balance and live more peacefully within your body. Reiki is a beautiful compliment to other fitness modalities. Please contact her for more information or to schedule a private session.


photo credit: http://rabenadesign.com/